Does Bluey and Bingo Have Another Sibling?

Since Bluey and Bingo were abandoned as kittens, they have been living the life of a street cat. In 2009, Bluey met a woman who was moving and she agreed to take them in. The woman soon found out she was pregnant and she and her husband decided to keep the baby.

They named the kitten Bingo. The couple fostered Bingo until he was old enough to be adopted, which was in 2013.

Bingo finally found a home with a family who loved him as their own. Unfortunately, the family had to move in 2017, and Bingo had to find a new home.

He finally found one with another family who also loved him very much. So, does Bluey and Bingo have another sibling? We don’t know for sure, but it’s definitely possible!.

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