Does Mille Lacs Casino Have Bingo?

Mille Lacs Casino in Brainerd, MN has Bingo. This is a popular game with many people, and it is offered at the casino on several different days each week. Bingo can be played in many different ways, but typically players will choose a number of squares on a playing board and then try to match all of the numbers in a set column or row. Prizes are typically awarded for matching certain numbers, and players can also win bonuses if they hit certain combinations.

There are variations of Bingo, including Mega Bingo and Bonus Bingo, which offer larger jackpots and other rewards. Mille Lacs Casino is one of the few places that you can find Bingo in Brainerd, MN, so if you’re interested in trying it out this is definitely a great place to do so.

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