How Are the Collection Items Numbered in Bingo Blitz?

Bingo Blitz is a popular online bingo game that involves players trying to collect as many cards as possible with the same number on them in a given column or row. In order to make it easier for players to keep track of their progress, Bingo Blitz assigns each card in the game a unique number.

Each column and row of the bingo board has its own set of numbers, and when a player collects all of the cards with the same number in that column or row, they can start claiming bonus prizes.

The collection items in Bingo Blitz are numbered from 1-50, so it’s important for players to remember which number corresponds to which column or row on the bingo board.

If a player collects all of the cards numbered 1-25 in a given column, for example, they can start claiming bonus prizes at number 26. It’s important to note that collection items are not always in numerical order on the bingo board, so players should be prepared to move around the board if necessary in order to claim all of the bonuses available.

Overall, Bingo Blitz is an easy game to play and can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys traditional bingo games. The unique numbering system makes it easy for players to keep track of their progress and claim bonus prizes, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an online bingo game that won’t disappoint.

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