How Do You Do Baby Bingo?

There are many ways to play baby bingo. One popular way is as follows:

1) Have a designated bingo card for playing baby bingo.
2) Have a group of players stand in a circle around the cards.
3) The first player selects a card from the bingo card and displays it to the group.
4) All players must then say out loud the corresponding letter on the displayed card.

For example, if the card displays the letter “A,” all players must say “A-I-O.”
5) If a player guesses incorrectly, they must take a step back from the card and wait until another player selects a new card before continuing.
6) If a player selects a letter that is already displayed on another card, they must say out loud “Bingo!” and that card is removed from play.
7) Play continues in this manner until all cards have been played or until someone shouts “Bingo!”
8) The player who shout “Bingo!” wins the game.

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