Is Bingo a Rainbow Baby?

Bingo may not be a traditional baby name, but it is certainly gaining in popularity. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, Bingo was the 114th most popular name for newborn boys in 2013.

While there may be some who find the name amusing or whimsical, there are others who might find it unoriginal or outdated.

Interestingly, Bingo has actually been around for centuries and has even been used as a term for a type of gambling game. So it’s not exactly a new name by any means.

But regardless of its age, its popularity is likely to continue increasing as more parents consider it as an option for their newborn children.

Some may find the name gimmicky or juvenile, but in truth, there are many children who enjoy being called Bingo or another similar-sounding nickname. And while some parents might choose to stick with more traditional baby names, others may be drawn to names that are a little bit different – and that may include Bingo.

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