Is Teen Beach Movie Based on Beach Blanket Bingo?

Teen Beach Movie is an upcoming 2018 American comedy film directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, from a screenplay by Goldstein and Daley. The film stars Adam Sandler, Blac Chyna, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and Andy Samberg.

It is a sequel to the 2007 film Teen Beach Movie, and is based on the 2006 mobile game Beach Blanket Bingo.

The film was first announced in March 2017, with Sandler returning as producer. Filming began in May 2017 in California. In August 2017, it was reported that Sandler had parted ways with the project due to creative differences with Daley and Goldstein.

However, in October 2017, it was announced that he had rejoined the project and would star. In December 2017, Chyna was cast in the lead role of Sandy.

Beach Blanket Bingo is a 2006 mobile game developed by Playtika and published by Playtika Ltd. It is a social party game where players collect items on a beach towel to win points and advance to the next round.

Players can chat with other players while playing the game.

Some have speculated that Teen Beach Movie is based on Beach Blanket Bingo because both games involve collecting items on a beach towel to win points and advance to the next round. However, there are several key differences between the two games that make this speculation unlikely.

For one, Beach Blanket Bingo was released much earlier than Teen Beach Movie (2006 vs 2018), has a different gameplay mechanics (players collect items on a beach towel while playing vs collecting tickets at a bingo hall), and has been marketed towards adults rather than teenagers.

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