Was Bingo the Farmer or the Dog Meme?

Bingo was either the farmer or the dog meme. Bingo was a popular image on 4chan and 8chan during the early 21st century. The image typically depicted a white person, often a middle-aged man, wearing a baseball cap and sitting in a dark room with several other people.

The room is decorated with bright colors and balloons, which are often used as props in bingo games. The person in the image is holding a bingo card, which has a number or letter on it.

The image became popular on 4chan and 8chan due to its striking resemblance to various images of white people that have been used to mock them online. One example is an image of a white person holding a sign that says “I’m not black, I’m not Asian, I’m not Native American: I’m white.

” The person in the Bingo image also has features that resemble other images of white people that have been used to mock them online, such as the baseball cap and the bright colors.

The popularity of the image likely stemmed from its use as a comedic image. Many users on 4chan and 8chan would post the image with humorous captions, such as “Is it bingo or racism?” or “Is this what global warming looks like?” The image also served as a reminder to users that bingo can be an entertaining game even if some of the participants are racist or sexist.

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