What Do You Use Diamonds for in Bingo Clash?

Diamonds are one of the most popular casino chips in Bingo Clash. They are used to make bets and to win rewards.

Diamonds can be used in many ways in Bingo Clash, including as part of your wager, as part of a winning combination, and as a reward for completing challenges.

Many players use diamonds to make bets on the game’s main board. When you make a bet, diamond chips are added to your total chip stack.

You can also use diamonds to make side bets. When you place a side bet, the diamond chips are added to the total chip stack for the game you are betting on, but they’re not added to the total for any other games.

Diamonds are also used in many of the game’s rewards systems. When you complete a challenge, for example, you might receive diamonds as a reward.

You can also win diamonds when you win money in the game. Finally, diamonds can be used to buy items from the store.

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