What Is Bingo Slang For?

Bingo slang is a term used to describe the unique colloquial language used among bingo players. Bingo slang can be quite humorous, and often includes unique phrases that are specific to the game.

Many of these expressions have roots in old bingo parlance, and have been passed down from player to player for years.

Some of the most commonly used bingo slang expressions include:

1. “bingo card” – This is a term used to describe the bingo card that each player receives at the start of the game.

2. “bingo call” – This refers to the signal that a player makes to announce their selection in a particular round of bingo.

3. “bingo ball” – This is simply refers to the ball that is used for playing bingo.

It is typically made out of plastic, and has several lights embedded inside it so that it can be easily seen by players during play.

4. “bingo box” – This is simply refers to the box in which bingo cards are stored during play.

It is typically located near the table where the game is being played, and contains a number of drawers in which players can place their cards.

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