What Is Exercise Bingo?

Exercise bingo is a type of physical activity that incorporates the game of bingo. Participants are divided into teams, and each team is given a different exercise to complete.

The exercise is designed to be as fun and easy as possible, so that everyone can participate.

The game of exercise bingo is played on a square board with 36 spaces. Each space on the board represents one minute of exercise time. Players begin the game by picking up a card that has one of the following exercises listed on it: walking, running, biking, swimming, step aerobics, or weightlifting.

They then place the card on the corresponding space on the board. At the end of every minute, players can choose to either add a new card to their hand or take a free turn to draw cards from the deck.

The object of the game is to collect all of your cards and complete the corresponding exercise listed on them. If you complete an exercise before your opponents, you get to claim that space as your own for the next minute. If you collect all of your cards before your opponents, you win the game!.

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