Who Are the Voices of Bingo and Rolly?

Bingo and Rolly are two computer-generated voices that help children learn to read. They are the voices of Bingo, a computer-generated boy, and Rolly, a computer-generated dog.

Bingo and Rolly were created by Microsoft in 2003 as part of its “Learning Tools for Schools” program. The program was designed to help children learn to read by providing them with animated characters that they could listen to and learn from.

Bingo and Rolly are the first computer-generated voices to be used in this way.

Since their creation, Bingo and Rolly have been featured in a variety of media. They have appeared on television shows such as “The Colbert Report” and “The Today Show”, as well as in commercials for companies such as FedEx and Toys “R” Us.

They have also been featured in books, such as “The Bingo Book” and “Rolly’s Reading Adventures”.

Bingo and Rolly are considered to be successful examples of computer-generated voices. They have been praised for their high level of realism, and many parents consider them to be a valuable tool for helping their children learn to read.

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