Why Is Bingo Hell Rated 18+?

Bingo Hell is an 18+ game that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game has been rated 18+, because it includes explicit images, violence, and mature content.

One of the main reasons why Bingo Hell is rated 18+, is because of the explicit images. There are images of people being shot, stabbed, or having their heads cut off.

There are also images of people being mutilated or having their body parts ripped off.

The violence in Bingo Hell is also intense. Players must use their skills to fight their way through hordes of enemies in order to reach the winning bingo card.

In some cases, players must fight against powerful bosses that can easily kill them.

Additionally, the game includes mature content. This means that it is not appropriate for everyone.

It is recommended that only adults play Bingo Hell, because it may contain content that is not appropriate for children.

In conclusion, Bingo Hell is an intense and adult-oriented game that should only be played by adults who are 18 or older. It should not be played by children, because it contains explicit images and violence that may be too violent for them to handle.

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