Is Meghan Trainor in the Bingo Blitz Commercial?

Trainor has starred in several commercials for the Bingo Blitz online bingo site. In one commercial, she sings the song “All About That Bass” while playing bingo.

Some viewers have suggested that she appears in a new commercial for Bingo Blitz that was released on February 1st, 2019. .

In the commercial, Trainor is seen playing bingo with several people in a room. One of the people in the room is a man who appears to be wearing a Meghan Trainor t-shirt.

The man appears to be winning most of his games, and Trainor seems to be having fun playing along with him.

Some people have suggested that Trainor is in the new commercial because she is signed to Bingo Blitz’s record label, Big Machine Records. Others have argued that Trainor could simply be appearing in another commercial for the site.

However, no confirmation has been given about whether or not Trainor is actually in the new commercial.

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