Who Played Bingo on Cold Case?

Bingo was played on Cold Case for the first time on October 3, 2002. The show’s main cast consisted of Ving Rhames (Detective Mike Logan), Maria Bello ( Detective Jane Rizzoli), and Courtney B.

Vance ( Detective John Munch). At the time of Bingo’s debut, Rhames was 41 years old, Bello was 36 years old, and Vance was 33 years old.

The show’s creator, Anthony Zuiker, has said that he decided to include Bingo because he felt that it would be a “fun” addition to the show. Zuiker also noted that he thought that it would be interesting to see how the cast would react to playing the game.

According to TV Guide, Bingo was a ratings success for Cold Case. The game received a positive reaction from both viewers and the cast of the show.

Rhames has said that he enjoyed playing Bingo on the show and has described it as “a blast”. Vance has also commented on how much fun he had playing Bingo on Cold Case.

Overall, it seems that – Who Played Bingo on Cold Case? – Bingo was a popular addition to Cold Case and its cast enjoyed playing the game.

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